Test Burn Bins

Originally designed to be used during the testing of Whole Tire Derived Fuel in preheater or precalciner towers, a Test Burn Bin is an affordable means to get tires up the tower and to the Fuel Injection Device without the expense of purchasing and installing a temporary conveyor system of elevator. Test Burn Bin are heavy-duty steel bins with wheels that are custom made to fit your application.

They can be used with a high-lift, a hoist or in the existing freight elevator. In most cases, customers purchase two or three bins, allowing for one at the Fuel Injection Device in the tower, one in transit and one being loaded at ground level. The bin typically holds between 50 and 70 tires and are easy to load and unload. In seconds, they can be wheeled from the delivery trailer to your lifting point then to the Fuel Injection Device. They are built tough to withstand a heavy industrial environment and can be used for other materials.

AFS Rhino Bins have the following special features to provide years of reliable service with little maintenance:

  • Welded Steel Frame
  • Wire Mesh side panels
  • Expanded steel floor grating
  • All steel finished with a tough rubberized coating
  • Cargo net on one side
  • Swivel caster wheels with brakes