Belt Conveyors

A variety of belt conveyors are used in AFS systems to convey alternative fuels, including wide flat belts for whole tires, trough belts for bulk fuels and dual belt systems to convey both materials using one truss frame.  We also make a steep climb belt conveyor to enable whole tire conveying up to 40-degrees of incline.  Each system is custom designed to utilize the best belt conveyor technology, whether it’s whole tires, wood chips, tire chips, PEF or RDF.  The AFS conveyor line-up enables our engineers and designers to be creative in providing efficient and reliable designs for each application.

Belt Conveyor types: 

  • Flat, trough, cleated or pipe belt systems
  • Truss frame belt conveyors
  • Channel frame belt conveyors
  • Steep Climb belt conveyors (up to 40 degree incline)
  • Dual belt conveyors (flat belt and pipe belt in one truss frame)
Options and Features:

  • Galvanized hood covers, full hinged for access
  • 25″ wide expanded metal walkway with toe plate and handrail on one side or both sides
  • Zero speed switch at tail
  • Belt alignment switches at head and tail
  • Pull-cord safety switches