Live Bottom Hoppers

The Live Bottom Hopper allows for receiving, storage, and recovery of numerous bulk materials including:

  • Whole Tires
  • TDF
  • Wood Chips
  • Wood Fuel
  • Mulch
  • Compost
  • RDF
  • Grains and Crop Residues
  • Other Biomass
  • Other bulk materials

The Live Bottom Hopper is often situated to discharge to a device that provides primary metering of the material such as a Tire Separation System for whole tires or several discharge options for Bulk Fuel.

Live Bottom Hopper Standard Specifications:

  • 80,000 pound maximum live load
  • 9’ 6” wide allows no spillage receiving from a Trailer Tipper
  • Can also be loaded by a front end loader
  • Standard lengths are 40’ (single) or 80’ (double)
  • 3,300 cubic feet capacity (40’)
  • No converging hoppers.
  • Prevents bridging
  • Single or dual-drive “Live Floors”
  • Includes a hydraulic pump with oil reservoir, reservoir oil heater, low level sensor, and high temperature sensor
  • Standard floor and sealed floor options
  • Optional lump breaker at discharge for non flowing materials