Live Bottom Hopper

The Live Bottom Hopper allows for receiving, storage, and recovery of numerous bulk materials including Whole Tires, TDF, Wood Chips, Wood Fuel, Mulch, Compost, RDF, Grains and Crop Residues, other Biomass and bulk materials.

The Live Bottom Hopper is often situated to discharge to a device that provides primary metering of the material such as a Tire Separation System for whole tires or several discharge options for Bulk Fuel.

Standard Specifications:

  • 80,000 pound maximum live load
  • 9’ 6” wide allows no spillage receiving from a Trailer Tipper
  • Can also be loaded by a front end loader
  • Standard lengths are 40’ (single) or 80’ (double)
  • 3,300 cubic feet capacity (40’)
  • No converging hoppers.
  • Prevents bridging
  • Single or dual-drive “Live Floors”
  • Includes a hydraulic pump with oil reservoir, reservoir oil heater, low level sensor, and high temperature sensor
  • Standard floor and sealed floor options
  • Optional lump breaker at discharge for non flowing materials