Tire Feed System – Spain

“HISALBA” Hornos Ibericos ALBA (Holcim) – S.A., Spain (1999-2000) – Installed In 1999. This system was designed to feed whole tires to one long dry kiln with a 2-stage preheater. The system included all mechanical and electrical engineering, all mechanical and electrical equipment (including the control room interface). Installation supervision was provided. This system utilized a new mid-kiln feed method whereas all of the feeding equipment is located under the kiln at pier elevation and the gate is opened by a cam designed for that specific kiln size and speed.

Additionally, a Preheater Kiln (4-Stage) system was installed in 1999 and 2000. This system included our first rotary disk whole tire separator. The system also included a live-bottom hopper, separation refinement conveyors, tire inspection system, tire weighing system and a triple gate air-lock valve mounted to the riser duct of the preheater of the kiln.